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Document Archives

We present here some of the documents relating to PT Boats that have been brought to our attention. If you know of other documents that might be archived here please let us know

These documents are presented in PDF format
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1944 - Reports regarding the loss of PT-363 to enemy shore fire.
1944 - History of the Americanization of the BOFORS 40mm AUTOMOTIC ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN
1941, December, MTB Fitting Out Yard Assignments
1941, May, MTB & RON 1 & 2 Home Yard Memo
1941, September, MTB 1 Home Yard Assignement
1941, September, MTB RON 3 Home Port Memo
1941, Septermber, MTB RON 3 Home Yard Memo
1941, September, MTB RON 4 Home Yard Memo
1943, May, Task Force Organization of 7th Fleet
1943, June, Task Force Organization of 7th Fleet
1943, August, Task Force Organization of 7th Fleet
March 5, 1944 - Confidential Notice SCN-44
May 1, 1944 - Confidential Notice 15CN-44 -
40 Millimeter APT Ammunition
October 1, 1944 - Pacific PT FLeet Organization
April 25, 1945 - PT Boat Arrivals
The above are courtesy Seattle branch of the National Archives
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