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Books by T. Garth Connelly

110 ft Subchasers

US 110' Subchasers in Action written by T. Garth Connelly can be of help to anyone wanting to build either type of subchaser. It contains numerous details and photographs, including plan and elevation drawings, of SCs of both generations. It further provides information about the placement of fittings and ordnance, plus painting suggestions. You can buy a copy at amazon.com (kindle)and at other locations. Read a review of the book.!

A limited number of my IN ACTION titles are available. Email me at harbormaster@PTBoatWorld.com for more information.

The Regia Marina's MAS Boats, 1915-1945

The book describes every MAS boat built and operated by the Italian Navy during the First World War, the inter-war years and the Second World War. There are seventy-four images including eight in color.

T. Garth Connelly is a naval historian who has written books on PT boats, Motor Torpedo Boats, Schnellboote and one-hundred-ten foot wooden hull Sub Chasers. This work, his sixth, is a logical progression of his series of books on minor combatants of World War II.

In researching this book, the author drew on the assistance of the former Naval Attache of the Italian embassy in Washington, DC, and the Italian naval archives.

The book is available from Amazon and is also available for the Kindle.

U.S. Patrol Torpefo Boats in World War II

The book U.S. Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II, 1939-1945 by T. Garth Connelly is now available for purchase on Amazon.com (paperback). It's a general history of PTs. Construction, engines, weapons and camouflage and operational usage.

FLASH...U.S. Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II, 1939-1945 by T. Garth Connelly is now available on Kindle from Amazon.com.

PT Boats in WW 2


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