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Building, Detailing, and Converting
the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596

Announcing a new book from T. Garth Connelly
Being published by Chris Daley Publishing
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Italeri PT-596Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596 will give the reader ideas, suggestions, inspiration and pointers for when they build this kit.

A noted naval historian with input from four scale ship modelers (one of whom has won at the national level for his artisanship) put this monograph together and a noted researcher. It has color photos of five models based on the kit, accompanied by descriptions of what was done to achieve such high quality models.

In addition, the monograph includes photos from the author's archives to be used as references as well as drawings (most of which were supplied by PT BOATS, INC., which is the depository of all things PT and is the official national veterans association of the men who served on PT boats in World War II).