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Model of PT-109
Photo Album

By: Fritz Koopman

Model built by myself, photos by Matt Grzybinski.

This is the Revel 1/72nd kit, updated with the 37mm gun from the Hasegawa Jeep kit, and White Ensign Models' excellent PE set. Many smaller items such as port & starboard running lights, horn, spray rails, and forward cabin windows, etc. were scratchbuilt. Flag is hand painted. The White Ensign Models’ .50 cals were a bit fiddly to assemble. Yet when complete, they make themselves the focal points of the model.

The number one question I got from modelers in my local club, was why I didn't add some clear cockpit windows. However, all of 109's later photos, that I could find, show that these were replaced with 10 gauge steel sheet splinter shielding. So, that's the way I portrayed her.

JFK and Crew Members of PT-109
(courtesy Naval Historical Center)

JFK in PT Cockpit (note shielding around the cockpit)
(courtesey JKF Library)

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Parts available from White Ensign Models:

PE 7205, 1/72 PT-109 Etched Brass Detail Set;
PE 7216 1/72 U.S. Army 37mm Anti-Tank Gun;
PE 7217, 1/72 USN Mk.3 Single 40mm Bofors;
PE 7221 1/72 USN Mark 13 Torpedoes/Roll-Off Racks (x2);
PE 7222 1/72 USN Oldsmobile M4 37mm Cannon;
PE 7234 1/72 USN Single 20mm Oerlikon with solid and tripod pedestals;
PE 7238 1/72 USN .50 Cal Air-cooled M.G.;
PE 7239 1/72 USN Mk.14 21" Torpedo X 2;
PE 7243 1/72 Browning .50 Cal. Water-cooled Machine Gun.

For more information visit https://www.WhiteEnsignModels.com