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Camouflage Schemes for
PT Boat Tenders In World War II

These are examples of some of the camouflage schemes carried by some of the different types of PT Boat Tenders in World War II.

Different types of vessels were used as Tenders for the PT boats. Former yachts, such as the USS Hilo and the USS Niagra were used as Tenders. Also, LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank) were converted to the type and were utilized as well.

And, Aircraft Tender (AVP) hulls, such as the USS Mobjack and USS Oyster Bay were used as Tenders as well.

The Navy also converted two C-1A hulls, USS Acontious and USS Cyrene. But, these two ships were far too valuable to had been deployed to the forward areas and were only used in the rear areas.

The diagrams of the schemes were supplied by John Snyder of White Ensign Models. For more PT Tender information and examples of Measure 32/2Ax click here

Click the thumbnail diagrams for a larger view.

Ms31-10P AGP-6 Class (P)

Ms31-10P AGP-6 Class (S)

Ms31-11P AGP-3 (P)

Ms31-11P AGP-3 (S)

Ms31-12F AGP-12 Class (P)

Ms31-12F AGP-12 Class (S)

Ms31-12F USS Hilo AGP-2 (P)

Ms31-12F USS Hilo AGP-2 (S)