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T.Garth Connelly has written a new novel that is now available on AMAZON.COM. Using knowledge built from the years Garth has invested in researching the history of the PT Boat, this is novel about a naval officer in World War II on PT boats.

More info and to purchase the novel
"A Life Revisited" -

Also now available at
Books-By-The-Sea at 874 Main Street in Osterville, MA

Book Cover


Now available in a

"Liked the characters and the role in the novel.  You showed great thought in the presentation on the book in regards to the letters and the things happening to them.  Wow!!!  Maybe you should think about a follow-on book about early PT's in the war similar to "They were expendable"."
From: Tom Blouch

New articles for download:

Into the Dark Water:
The Story of Three Officers and PT-109

by John J. Domagalski, published by Casemate Publishers
Review by T. Garth Connelly

The Merit 1:48 scale Late War 80 ft. Elco PT Boat

T. Garth Connelly

U.S.Navy  PBR 31 Mk.II Patrol Boat River  "Pibber"

by Joe Caputo, IPMS/Ocala

Building an USCG 83-foot "Sub Buster"

by T. Garth Connelly and Christian Sheppard-Capurro
with Model built by Christian Sheppard-Capurro
Photos by Christian Sheppard-Capurro

Read Garth's review of the book by Allan L. Lawrence, Jr.
Deadly PT Boat Patrols, A History: Task Group 50.1 New Guinea 1942-43


As you are aware, Chris Daley Publishing, which published my books on the Revell PT boat kits and the Italeri PT-596 kit, has recently gone out of business, sadly.

However, the owner of that company was kind enough to revert the rights to those books back to me so that I could have them reprinted once his company was no more. He was also kind enough to send me CDs with the books' files and images and he, again, showed how good of a man he is, by uploading those files to my CreateSpace account where I've just completed the set-up process and submitted them for review.

They will be out in print again, this time under my 'battle ensign', in a few weeks and will be, again, available for you modelers, on sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and now, through CreateSpace's online store.

T. Garth Connelly
May 16, 2014

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Just in case anyone is interested
in knowing;

02/21/2013 - Revell PT Boat Kits in Plastic, A Review

Is now available from AMAZON.COM

T. "Tim" Garth Connelly

Book Cover
Italeri book cover

from T. Garth Connelly
Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596

More information here

For those of you who would like to purchase copies of my out of print books, I think a supply of my Vosper MTBs In Action  and other books may be available. MORE INFO

PT-68 "somewhere" in the South Pacific during WW II


Mark 7 Torpedo Director, description and instructions.
Provided by the National Archives via Mr. Harry S. Lockhart, Jr.

Converting the 1:72 Airfix RAF Air-Sea-Rescue-Launch
into a Royal Navy MGB

PT Consulting was founded to allow me to aid fellow authors, historians and scale modelers as we preserve our heritage and our history.

Through this web site I will endeavor to provide up-to-date research on things like camouflage schemes and armament packages and the like. See special note from Garth

Also, I will provide information on where to purchase matched paints and after-market accessories for your models to give you the best and most authentic look possible.

Please look around...and feel free to send me your thoughts and comments on how I can continue to improve this web site.

Squadron 13 in Alaska
Boats of Squadron 13 in Alaska tied up with a seaplane

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